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Telecoms: 6 Steps to Reducing Churn

Customer Value Management (CVM) is the optimization of the value of a company’s customer base, focusing on the analysis of individual data on prospects and customers. Given the significant margin and growth pressures resulting from the increasingly saturated EMEA market, it is more essential than ever for Telecoms companies to implement an effective CVM strategy, enabling them to drive better interaction with their customers to keep them happy, and offer innovative products and services to increase ARPU and achieve competitive advantage. Here, we look at one of the CVM conference’s key issues: reducing churn…

Selected Presentations 2015-16: Customer Value Management in Telecoms

Given the significant margin and growth pressures resulting from the increasingly saturated EMEA market, now more than ever it is essential to implement an effective CVM strategy to drive better interaction with their customers to keep them happy, and offer innovative products and services to increase ARPU and achieve competitive advantage.

This eBook comprises four selected presentations from last year’s CVM in Telecoms conference, made available for distribution by our speakers and provided here to offer those interested some quick insight – and just a taste of what is to come for 2016...

Turn Churn into Value and Maximise your Customer Value Management

Customer Value Management can be a complex decision-making process. In order to achieve maximum profitability; operators must carefully mine their data and ensure they send out the most relevant targeted communications to their customer base, whilst driving efficiency and reducing costs across their business. They must also ensure they keep up with modern trends, in order to “catch their customers young” and develop lifelong relationships – the use of new social marketing methods will be key to this.

This article focuses on the strategies network operators are currently using to stop at-risk customers from churning...


When The Customer Comes First, The Customer Will Last

By researching and understanding their customers, brands are tapping into the link between value alignment & satisfaction and setting themselves apart from the competition. But it doesn’t end there. Like rapid technological advances, customer loyalty is going through its own evolution.


The Evolution of Customer Experience

The key trends, challenges and investments from the last 12 months and how they will shape the CX landscape in 2016.

Customer Value Management: A step-by-step guide to a complex process

In saturated markets customer value management (CVM) offers the potential to overthrow outdated marketing practices, modernise your marketing and reduce customer churn.

However, CVM can be a complex decision-making process. This article presents a step-by-step approach to CVM, an overview of the key challenges of each stage, and explanation of the reasons for, and value in, persevering to overcome them. It also looks at the role that Big Data plays in this process and explains why Telecom operators have a natural advantage when it comes to CVM.

8 Pillars: No Contract, No Problem.

This article puts forwards the retention strategies that will bridge the gap between what telecom companies think consumers want and what research has shown they need. Telecoms IQ weighs up the benefits and ROI of retention and loyalty programs to better understand why, when and how to invest in your customers in order to retain business and grow your revenue. 

Methods to Retain Existing Customers and Ensure Satisfaction

Being able to decipher which retention method is actually useful for your company is quickly becoming the competitive differentiator amongst telecommunications companies. Telecoms IQ conducted an industry-wide survey in October 2014 to gather the information you need from leaders in the market. With exclusive insight  from the Senior Director of Sales and Retention at Comcast, Heather Lyon, who has revolutionized the way Comcast is reducing churn and keeping customers loyal, it is time to  find out how your customer experience program can really impact your bottom line!


How UPC are using Customer Value Management to reduce churn

One of the issues with Big Data is that so many telecom companies have so much data they do not really know what they are looking for anymore. UPC Nederland have been able to take their data and turn it into insight, follow through and then turn it into action that helps enhance their Customer Value Management and reduce churn.

In this exclusive interview with Maarten Stamrood, Director of the Segment and Online marketing team within UPC the Netherlands, Telecoms IQ discovers how UPC have developed successful yet personalised churn prevention plans and kept their competitive advantage in a saturated market. 

Exclusive interview: Virgin Mobile on emotional engagement and maximising your loyalty ROI

Is emotional customer loyalty really attainable for telecoms operators? How do you measure the ROI of customer loyalty? 

Darren Ball, Head of PAYG Retention & Loyalty at Virgin Mobile gets to grips with these essential questions and shares innovative examples of how to exceed customer expectations while maximising profitability.

The Key to Customer Profitability

It is a tale as old as time, in order to gain customer profitability you must first know which customers are worth investing in – and therein lies the problem. However, with so many methods out there claiming to be solutions, finding the right strategy for your company can be tricky. Telecoms IQ speaks to Tanya Zyabkina, Director of Marketing Analytics at Time Warner Cable, to decipher how you can make your customers profitable; and why understanding how the solar systems works is vital to understanding customer behavior, churn reduction and creating a loyal customer base.


How To Drive Customer Value Management and Retention in Telecoms

Knowing what the right processes you should have in place to increase your customer value management strategies and boost consumer retention can be complicated. How do you build trust and build profitable relationships with your customers? With insight from Orange UK and Mediacom Communications, Telecoms IQ presents:  How To Drive Customer Value Management and Retention in Telecoms

Special Report: Customer Value Management in Telecoms

Respondents to European Communications’ latest survey suggest that costs are biggest challenge to customer experience success. The report suggests operators in Europe may finally be making some headway in their efforts to overhaul their internal structures and deliver a customer experience worthy of rhetoric that often accompanies it.